Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I am tired of hearing the phrase "nice guys finish last."
Give it up.
Most guys who say it aren't even the true nice guys.
and honestly?
it works both ways.
"nice girls" finish last as well.
I am not perfect.
It would be delusional to ever even begin to think otherwise.
But I'm a nice enough girl.
but apparently, because I don't put out, I'm not exactly the type of girl most guys around my age like to date.
I get taken advantage of.
and used.
Sounds a whole lot like what these "nice guys" claim to be happening.

Another thing,
I am tired of being called beautiful by guys who say it because they either;
a. Don't want to use hot or sexy for fear of being thought of us a guy who only likes you for your body. (even though it's the truth)
b. Can't think of a better word.
c. Say it because they think it's what you want to hear.
Beauty is so much more than simple outward appearances.
I just wish some people understood.

All I want is a nice guy.


Rachel Jaclyn said...

I've hereby given up on trying to ever get you to put out.

I still think your beautiful.
(on the inside, not just cause you look like me)

hannahtheend. said...

you're gross.

Jesus said...

And what of those who say you're beautiful because they mean it?
Especially if they consider the word beautiful to be taken just as lightly as "hate", "love" and all other manner of completely serious words.