Saturday, February 28, 2009


You know, I don't think I can complain about this past week at all.
I prayed a lot.
I volunteered four days this week.
I worked out four days this week.
I did all of my homework for all of my classes.
I saw a fantastic musical with people I love.
I ate healthier.
Apparently I seemed happier.
I finished an entire sculpture for my concentration project.
I went to two birthday parties.
I started working on my new quilt.
I finished an entire website.
I even had a song written about me.
I started two new books.
I wrote in my journal.
I got a sadies date.
I met someone new.
I practiced both electric and acoustic guitars.
I took a couple good portraits of my neighbors.
This week was productive.
This week was good.
It was really good.

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Pianomaster00 said...

YES! I made it into your blog!