Monday, February 2, 2009

There is this tiny piece inside of me.

that needs to die.

not like a tumor or a tapeworm.
rather this personality flaw.
a terrible, awful, despicable piece of me.
it's the one that get's so angry upon just seeing certain people.
not that they're especially ugly or they flip me off or anything.
but it's the people who try to fool other people (or sometimes worse, themselves) into thinking they're someone they're not.
the closet alcoholics, the addicts, the cheaters, and fakes.
Yet countless parents, teachers, and peers are fooled into thinking that they're wonderful people.
and upon seeing them I just want to scream
"They're not who you think they are!"
"They're lying to you!"
"It's all a facade!"

But I can't.

because there is another part, a saving grace, that keeps me from yelling these things.
Sometimes I am thankful for it, other times I wish I could kick it in the kidneys.
I know that if I yelled everything I knew about every one of those people, they would be hurt.
But I also know that those people have hurt so many others along their concealed path of destruction.

The age old struggle of man against himself.
or rather girl against herself.

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