Friday, December 12, 2008

my older, blonder, wiser, better half.

about two weeks now and that better half will be three and a half hours away.
we're not the conventional type.
we don't get mani/pedis together.
we don't hug.
we don't talk about boys.
and we don't often go to the mall together.

Rather, we take our cat to the selma taco bell drive through at midnight to get burritos.
we text each other to say something even if we're twenty feet away.
we scare each other by jumping out in front of each other in the hallway.
we show affection by making toast for each other.
we used to flood our back garden and make mud pits when our parents weren't paying attention.

we're atypical.
we always have been.
we always will be.
and it's why it will be hard to see her move away.
but we won't show it by crying or promising to call each other once a day.
we're not that way.
we never were.
and I hope we never will be.

I will miss you sister.

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