Friday, December 26, 2008

anger is one letter short of danger.

and three letters short of stranger.

but that's irrelevant to this blog...

i got upset at one of my best friends.
But only for a few hours.
it was something to be legitimately bothered by but not raging mad.
But as I got to thinking about it, I realized that I wouldn't stay mad about it forever.
and I don't like feeling upset, because it starts to make me physically sick.
(I suppose that makes not being able to hold grudges a blessing in disguise.)
and as much as i wanted to be upset, because I felt it was my right,
I knew it wasn't good.
So I apologized. She apologized.
and it felt good.
because no matter what, I love her, no matter how much my best friends irk me sometimes, it's unconditional.
And deep down I knew that staying mad for a few more days wasn't worth the much harder reconciliation.
Because I wouldn't be staying mad at her, I would be staying mad to spite her.
Even though she wouldn't know.

So trivial and so not worth it.

#1 act of Self-betterment.

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