Friday, December 26, 2008

if you are reading this.

which you very well could be,
it is not flattering.
you used to have the world at your fingertips.
but it is slipping away from your filthy paws like your last shreds of dignity.
or did those fly out of the car window along with those last few puffs of smoke?

if I'm not mistaken, you're killing yourself.
The type of suicide that you'd like to justify because it's "fun."

On a much lighter note,
I had a nice time last night driving all around town looking for oreos at 9 o'clock last night with Eric.
It's nice to have fun neighbors again. =]
And today is Chelsea's birthday.
I made her sunflower cupcakes.
Maybe i'll post a picture of them later.
Now, i'm off to figure out what I shall wear for a fancy GNO and a trip to design pottery.
I love that I have friends who can go to California Pizza Kitchen and Color Me Mine and have the best, clean, fun ever.

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