Friday, June 12, 2009

Who am I kidding. I still take naps.

Give Mother back her pumps
wipe that mascara from your eyes.
Don your Power Ranger slippers
and we'll give this one more try.

Think youth.
Think child.
Think hope.
Think games.
Think stories.

Put your latest date on hold
cover up a tad bit more,
Tie your hair back into tails
and sit cross legged on the floor.

Think laughter.
Think fun.
Think carefree.
Think dreams.
Think truth.

Stop texting for a moment,
your "BFFs" can wait.
I just want you to remember
when they used to be playmates.

Think recess.
Think naps.
Think courage.
Think straightforward.
Think memories.

Categorize them old and new,
keep them stored and filed.
But the thing you must remember,
You will always be my child.

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