Sunday, April 5, 2009


I wanted to save this somewhere and beings as that Im not on my computer, I figured this was as good of a place as any.
Don't read it.

Sixteen years ago, on an insignificant day in history, a child was born. This baby was unlike that baby born in manger we so often hear about. This baby was not a savior, this baby was not blameless, or holy, rather, this baby would go through adolescence making inumerable mistakes and screwing up more times than anyone around her could count. She would not save humanity, although she liked to think she did impact a few people. She made decisions she would regret for years to come and she let down people very close to her. Of course she wasn't a complete detriment to the world, she contributed to society through any and every artistic medium. Regardless of her faults, for some reason there were people who still loved her. She tried not to care what people thought of her, although through her teen years, this became increasingly difficult. She learned things and developed her own opinions after finding that it's never a good idea to be spoon-fed your ideals. Luckily at a young age, she found it was impossible to go this life alone and relied on God to help her. Sometimes she would question her faith when things got tough, but through several unfavorable circumstances, she realized that bad things often do happen to good people, but life goes on whether she liked it or not. And it was always easier to have God by her side. She found that people don't always keep promises, and she found that people change just as often as clothing trends do. She developed some important relationships that taught her many things about life, happiness, and other matters of the sorts. As for now though, she is just trying to live her life, keeping in mind that circumstances change quickly, and it's best to see the silver lining even in the darkest of clouds.

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