Sunday, November 16, 2008

We were laughing at the stars while our feet clung tight to the ground.

Some days I feel as though I am not really here.
Not only insignificant, but invisible.
Trapped in a world I don't want to be in.
I used to be driven.
Driven to get straight A's, and impress people.
To get ahead in life,
To be somebody.
But the person I have become hardly feels like a person at all.
Rather I have become a shell.
An exoskeleton if you will,
of my former self and everything I ever dreamt and aspired to be.
So many things in my life are ending, disappearing like the last of the green leaves.
and all I want is for it to be proven to me that when one door closes, another actually opens.

Hell, I'd settle for a window.

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